Review of client prepared books, making necessary changes as needed to classifying expenditures. Preparing depreciation required for tax purposes, and journal entries to separate the assets, liabilities, income and expenses properly.


Preparation of client’s books from client’s documentation, bank reconciliations, sales tax reports, payroll tax reports, ACCR report when needed and various other activities that the client needs to keep in compliance with federal and state agencies. Each business has it’s own unique requirements but some things are mandatory, such as payroll and the corresponding reports and of course sales tax reports. Our office can ease the burden of these paperwork details for the small business person that would rather not deal with them or just doesn’t have enough time to keep up with them.
For both Businesses and Personal based on the information provided by either the Bookkeeping or Accounting processes.

Assistance with Peachtree or QuickBooks questions regarding posting or processes of income or expenditures. This area usually comes from unusual items turning up such as loans, fixed assets purchases, or large repairs to equipment or facilities. The office is available to assist in setting up the chart of accounts, vendors and payroll also.